Avalon maximises your revenue by putting customer experience first

This public car park in Liverpool with over 200 spaces was being run by a national car park operator and was significantly under-performing.

Firstly, we put in place our driver-focused philosophy, starting with making it simple for drivers to find a space and pay for their parking.

On the practical side we arranged a system for regular landscaping and litter picking, had the parking spaces re-marked clearly, and developed new clear signage and lighting to welcome customers.

We removed the old fashioned pay and display machines, installed an ANPR camera and employed a cashless system, which made it really simple for drivers to pay.

ANPR together with our comprehensive data-analytics platform, allowed us to drive revenue growth by optimising the tariff structure to be more flexible, encourage return visits through pricing promotions and find new customers via refer-a-friend incentives. We identified potential new users and undertook targeted marketing activities both offline and online through social media to drive further traffic.

For example, our data analysis showed few vehicles returned more than 5 times per month, whilst local research showed monthly season permits were priced at ~£50pcm. Therefore, we knew a promotional £15 per month season ticket offer would not cannibalise existing sales, but instead encouraged new vehicle visits and sticky revenues.

Combined with refer-a-friend promotions, social media advertising and local marketing, the new revenue stream from season permits improved revenues considerably, whilst keeping existing users happy.

The result: 300% increase in revenue over 9 months.

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The Avalon Approach

Avalon is driver-focused, placing customer experience at the forefront of what we do, backed up by great cloud-based technology to enable intelligent data-driven decision making.

Combined with our years of parking experience, this enables us to optimise your parking revenue by employing our proven processes to identify and implement innovative strategies to maximise your returns.

We use prefer to use customer service to grow revenue, rather than relentlessly issuing PCNs.

  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Increase dwell times
  • Generate more return visits
  • Receive more positive recommendations

  • Happier, higher spending customers

  • Fast Setup
  • Advanced ANPR Technology
  • Contactless Payments

  • Real Time Data Analytics
  • Revenue Growth

Car Park Solutions

We provide bespoke, customer-focused solutions to manage your car park and maximise your revenue.

We provide bespoke site-specific solutions to maximise revenue from your car park, no matter what the size. We use our driver-focused philosophy together with advanced ANPR technology and our highly capable back-office system to apply intelligent marketing strategies and ensure your income stream is optimised.

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Avalon puts your guests first, increasing your revenue by maximising the number of spaces for your paying customers to park easily. We give you control to keep your customers coming back using our driver first system, while keeping car park abuse to a minimum.

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Retail is all about the customer experience, and your car park is the first (and last) impression. We put your customers first by making parking easy. Our advanced data-analytics provide you with detailed insights to help increase dwell times and grow additional revenue channels.

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Avalon is driver focused. By putting the driver (your customer) first, we increase loyalty and dwell times to maximise your revenue.

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We make it simple for drivers to pay without using cash, via a smartphone or by phone if required. Our platform makes it fast and easy to pay, with no need to register.

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Our data analytics platform gives you instant and powerful insights to show how your car parks are performing, allowing you to make informed decisions to grow your revenue.

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